Committees & Officers

Communications/Publications Committee

Sterling Jenkins - Committee Chair
Quinn Sperry - Committee Liaison
Morris Sperry
Jenai Reid, CMCA, AMS
Community Solutions and Sales
Jen Seals, CMCA, AMS
Property Management Systems Inc.
Ryan Newton, CMCA
Advanced Community Services
Amy Binns-Shewan
Morris Sperry
Melyssa Davidson
Wrona DuBois
Eric Harker
Alliance Project Engineers
Dale Gifford, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, RS
Complex Solutions LTD

Education Committee

Missy McGlone, CIC - Committee Chair
The Buckner Company
Cindy Spillane, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Committee Liaison
CCMC Daybreak
John Boekweg
HEB Certified Public Accountants
Bèat Koszinowski, CIRMS
The Buckner Company
Michael Johnson, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
FCS Community Management
Sarah Crawford, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®
Morris Sperry
Burt Willie
Vial Fotheringham LLP
Andrew Blonquist
Morris Sperry
Peter H. Harrison
Miller Harrison LLC

Southern Utah Committee

Gina Yenser - Committee Chair
Terra West Management Services
Greg Gardner, CMCA, AMS - Committee Liaison
FCS Community Management
Bruce Jenkins, Esq., CCAL
Vial Fotheringham SG LLP
David Houston, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Coral Canyon Community Manager
Jerry Jensen, CMCA, AMS
Community Association Management

Marketing Committee

Patsy Young - Committee Chair
Ball Janik LLP
Doug C. Shumway - Committee Liaison
Miller Harrison LLC
Josh Jensen
FCS Community Management
Noell Marble
Rosalie Woolshlager
Morris Sperry
Bob Baird, CMCA
Pepperwood HOA
Alisa Shosted
Sentry West Insurance
Brandon Myers
Morris Sperry

Events Committee

Tyler LaMarr - Committee Chair
Miller Harrison LLC
Tod Bean, CMCA - Committee Liaison
Barry Wilkins
Evolution Community Management
Lauren DeVoe
Morris Sperry
Scott Welker
Vial Fotheringham LLP
Marla Mott-Smith
Community Association Consultants/Alliance Association Bank
Robert Rosing
Wrona DuBois
Andy Widerberg
FCS Community Management, AAMC
Ryan Wimmer
Advantage Management
Mark Elton
CertaPro Painters
thread educate