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By Mindy Knudsen, Executive Director, UCCAI View our latest educational webinar, "COVID-19 Association Liability and Cleaning Tips: 2020 HOA Case Law & Legislative Update." Our attorney panelists, Quinn Sperry (Jenkins Bagley, PLLC) and Tyler LaMarr (Miller Harrison, LLC) give helpful information about COVID-19 risk management in HOAs, as well as a 2020 Utah HOA case law and legislative update. Scott Evans (RBM Building Services) also gives practical and thorough cleaning tips. Find out how much time you should really spend cleaning high touch-point surfaces. Catch up on other webinars you've missed: Insurance & Risk Management During the Brave New World of [...]

View our Latest Educational Webinar2020-10-20T14:01:15-05:00

How to Recession-Proof Your HOA from a Maintenance Perspective


By Alissa Thompson When the Great Recession of 2008 occurred, home-owners associations took a hit. Not only was there an increase number of homeowners unable to pay their dues, but continued maintenance was unfortunately overlooked. Without sufficient funds, how can HOAs complete necessary maintenance in their communities if they didn’t plan? As the U.S. economy gets hit by COVID-19, managers need to use preventative maintenance measures to avoid future issues. Maintenance is one of the first things homeowners notice when the community isn’t being taken care of. It also is one of the first things overlooked when an association’s budget gets [...]

How to Recession-Proof Your HOA from a Maintenance Perspective2020-09-10T21:01:50-05:00

Coronavirus and Community Association Insurance


By Joel W. Meskin, Esq., CIRMS, CCAL Fellow, MLIS, EBP; McGowan Program Administrators Managing Expectations during the Pandemic INTRODUCTION: The Coronavirus Pandemic has found most of us with our arms up in the air.  These are definitely unchartered waters. My question, as someone who has been spending a great deal of time answering questions on the Coronavirus and insurance coverage is:  did any prior pandemic, epidemic or outbreak of a communicable disease lead to the myriad of insurance issues we are now being asked to respond with clear and immediate responses.  Maybe our standard response should be “maybe” or “it depends” [...]

Coronavirus and Community Association Insurance2020-09-29T17:06:49-05:00

How-to Guide for Reopening HOAs and Condos


By Amy Repke Homeowners associations have adjusted to a new normal because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This includes remote meetings and elections, closed common areas and amenities, and social distancing.   As states lifted their stay-at-home orders and businesses began to open their doors, homeowners associations started to decide how and whether to reopen common areas and amenities. Board members, community managers, and business partners asked: What approach should we take to reopening? How should we phase in operations? Do residents need to sign a liability waiver to use the pool? Do we need to keep anything closed? We expect these questions to continue [...]

How-to Guide for Reopening HOAs and Condos2020-08-10T23:08:25-05:00

SB3007 Liability Protection for Community Associations?


By Michael Miller, Attorney, Miller Harrison LLC Navigating COVID-19 for many of us has been a challenge. Cases are on the rise, while government leaders try to balance the community's health, worry about the economy, and respect to individual autonomy. Community associations face similar challenges, and association boards are forced to make tough decisions that directly affect their communities. In response to growing concerns regarding legal responsibilities arising from COVID-19, the Utah Legislature passed SB3007, to protect business owners and operators from civil liability related to injury related to COVID-19 exposure.  However, this law's exceptions may make it infeasible for associations [...]

SB3007 Liability Protection for Community Associations?2020-07-24T14:39:26-05:00

CDC Guidelines Impacting Community Association Common Areas


By Phoebe E. Neseth, Esq. When the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading through the U.S. in late February, guidance and resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention became part of daily conversations. For the past several months, Americans have turned to the CDC for information on how to protect themselves from COVID-19 and what to do if they become sick. The resulting CDC guidelines impacting community associations are outlined here. The CDC included information relevant to community association common areas. Early on, elevators and entryways were deemed essential and remained open during the pandemic. However, amenities such as pools, fitness [...]

CDC Guidelines Impacting Community Association Common Areas2020-07-24T14:12:54-05:00

Tips for Opening Community Pools During COVID-19


By Laura Otto As states and localities ease or lift stay-at-home orders, board members and community managers are determining when and how to safely open or reopen pools in their homeowners associations. Associations should follow state and federal orders when considering whether they can and should open the community pool. “The real issue is compliance,” says Scott Carpenter, a shareholder and managing partner at Carpenter Hazlewood in Phoenix, Ariz., and a fellow in CAI’s College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL). “Can associations do it in a way where they comply with federal and states restrictions and follow public health recommendations?” Read the [...]

Tips for Opening Community Pools During COVID-192020-07-24T14:13:35-05:00

Phased Guidelines for Gyms, Pools and Fitness Centers


By Beat Koszinowski, CIC, CIRMS; The Buckner Company - Silver Sponsor 2020 The recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak put our country and our state in a very unpredictable and to some extent, terrible situation. Utah has recently started a phased reopening on certain types of businesses and operations.  It is understandable that our customers and owners are excited to start using common area amenities and get to enjoy their pools and gyms. While everyone is eager to get back to a normal life for work and recreation, there is concern on the part of every American as to what they should be doing [...]

Phased Guidelines for Gyms, Pools and Fitness Centers2020-09-29T17:11:10-05:00

Determining Essential HOA Services During COVID-19


By Laura Otto Due to the evolving nature of COVID-19, it can be confusing to differentiate which services are essential for a homeowners association to continue operating and meet contractual obligations. It is important for board members and community managers to consider what is deemed an essential service as defined by their state’s stay-at-home orders and other local ordinances to provide during the pandemic. Read the full article here  

Determining Essential HOA Services During COVID-192020-07-24T14:15:24-05:00

COVID-19 and the Risk of Getting Sued


By Scott Welker, Attorney, Vial Fotheringham LLP In American law, there is a long, quiet history of the ill suing the people who made them ill.  Dating at least back to the 1800s, defendants have been held liable in court for negligently spreading infectious diseases.  These cases have run the gambit, including lawsuits for the spread of tuberculosis (1953), smallpox (1910), typhoid fever (1896), and whooping cough (1884), just to name a few.  In more modern times, lawsuits regarding the spread of sexually transmitted diseases have become common. Now we are in the age of COVID-19.  We are already seeing the [...]

COVID-19 and the Risk of Getting Sued2020-07-24T14:15:59-05:00
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