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By Mindy Knudsen, Executive Director, UCCAI View our latest educational webinar, "COVID-19 Association Liability and Cleaning Tips: 2020 HOA Case Law & Legislative Update." Our attorney panelists, Quinn Sperry (Jenkins Bagley, PLLC) and Tyler LaMarr (Miller Harrison, LLC) give helpful information about COVID-19 risk management in HOAs, as well as a 2020 Utah HOA case law and legislative update. Scott Evans (RBM Building Services) also gives practical and thorough cleaning tips. Find out how much time you should really spend cleaning high touch-point surfaces. Catch up on other webinars you've missed: Insurance & Risk Management During the Brave New World of [...]

View our Latest Educational Webinar2020-10-20T14:01:15-05:00

How to prepare an HOA budget


Jen Seals, CMCA, AMS; Property Management Systems, Inc. Drafting a proposed budget for your community can be one of the most important, and daunting tasks you face each year.  A good budget will help your board make the tough decisions on maintenance needs, owner requests, emergency situations, unpaid assessments and the other many challenges that an HOA faces throughout the year.  It is essentially a guideline tool that makes it easier to evaluate and protect Association resources. No wonder so many managers and board members find the project intimidating! Thankfully, with the right resources and tools, preparing a draft budget can [...]

How to prepare an HOA budget2020-10-15T18:43:58-05:00

ULAC Dollar Per Door Campaign


By Jerry Jensen, AMS, Community Association Management, ULAC Fundraising Chair Homeowner Association Representation at the Legislature  It seems that all groups like doctors, lawyers, realtors, builders, developers, etc. have lobbyists who track and propose legislation to promote their "special" interests.  Legislation is often proposed and even passed that affects Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and their Member rights.  Those who serve community associations (managers, attorneys, board members and others) have volunteered massive amounts of time to try to keep up with all the legislation proposed by “special interest groups” outside the community association industry, as well as bills our industry has proposed to try [...]

ULAC Dollar Per Door Campaign2020-09-21T15:56:25-05:00

Fall Container Ideas So Good, We Can Hardly Contain Ourselves


By Jeremy Bailey, BrightView Landscape Services It’s time for fall, y’all! The pumpkin spice lattes are so close, we can almost taste it. Fall is just around the corner and the only thing we look forward to more than fall flavors are the arrival of beautiful fall colors. Get your property’s containers and hanging baskets in on the fun with bountiful autumnal displays. Here are some ideas to consider: Make the Transition You don’t need to start from scratch in your containers and baskets to give your property a refresh. Some plants, such as red fountain grass and sweet potato vine, will transition effortlessly [...]

Fall Container Ideas So Good, We Can Hardly Contain Ourselves2020-08-17T16:46:31-05:00

SB3007 Liability Protection for Community Associations?


By Michael Miller, Attorney, Miller Harrison LLC Navigating COVID-19 for many of us has been a challenge. Cases are on the rise, while government leaders try to balance the community's health, worry about the economy, and respect to individual autonomy. Community associations face similar challenges, and association boards are forced to make tough decisions that directly affect their communities. In response to growing concerns regarding legal responsibilities arising from COVID-19, the Utah Legislature passed SB3007, to protect business owners and operators from civil liability related to injury related to COVID-19 exposure.  However, this law's exceptions may make it infeasible for associations [...]

SB3007 Liability Protection for Community Associations?2020-07-24T14:39:26-05:00

CDC Guidelines Impacting Community Association Common Areas


By Phoebe E. Neseth, Esq. When the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading through the U.S. in late February, guidance and resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention became part of daily conversations. For the past several months, Americans have turned to the CDC for information on how to protect themselves from COVID-19 and what to do if they become sick. The resulting CDC guidelines impacting community associations are outlined here. The CDC included information relevant to community association common areas. Early on, elevators and entryways were deemed essential and remained open during the pandemic. However, amenities such as pools, fitness [...]

CDC Guidelines Impacting Community Association Common Areas2020-07-24T14:12:54-05:00

How Can My Association Use the Reserve Funds?


By Dale Gifford, PRA, RS, PCAM, AMS, CMCA Regional Project Manager, Complex Solutions, LTD - Silver Sponsor 2020 You have your association’s reserve analysis in hand, you have created a reserve fund line itemin your financials, you have opened a reserve fund bank account, and you have made your firstdeposit of reserve funds into your reserve fund bank account. You have reserve expenses andyou want to use those reserve funds, so what are the guidelines you need to follow whenspending the money in your reserve fund? (9) (a) Unless a majority of the members of the association of unit owners vote [...]

How Can My Association Use the Reserve Funds?2020-08-04T16:22:01-05:00

Unnecessary association records bill passes in 2020 session


2020 LEGISLATIVE SESSION UPDATE, HB 155 By Michael Johnson, CMCA, AMS, PCAM; LAC Vice-Chair; CEO, FCS Community Management, AAMC - Diamond Sponsor 2020 In August 2019, LAC was invited to testify in an interim committee hearing on HOA issues raised by Representative Cheryl Acton (West Jordan). Rep. Acton and LAC did not have an opportunity to meet prior to the interim hearing. At the hearing she had several pages of HOA related regulations copied and pasted from other states. Rep. Acton testified the items were from a constituent who had trouble getting records from their HOA. Some of Rep. Action’s ideas [...]

Unnecessary association records bill passes in 2020 session2020-06-11T16:55:05-05:00

Tips for Opening Community Pools During COVID-19


By Laura Otto As states and localities ease or lift stay-at-home orders, board members and community managers are determining when and how to safely open or reopen pools in their homeowners associations. Associations should follow state and federal orders when considering whether they can and should open the community pool. “The real issue is compliance,” says Scott Carpenter, a shareholder and managing partner at Carpenter Hazlewood in Phoenix, Ariz., and a fellow in CAI’s College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL). “Can associations do it in a way where they comply with federal and states restrictions and follow public health recommendations?” Read the [...]

Tips for Opening Community Pools During COVID-192020-07-24T14:13:35-05:00

Displaying the American Flag in Utah Homeowners Associations


By Quinn Sperry, Attorney, Morris Sperry As Americans, we love our country and those men and women, past and present, who serve and sacrifice for our freedoms. Displaying the Flag of the United States is one way we show our patriotism to honor our nation and the heroes that make this country great.   Recently, the right to fly our nation’s Flag within homeowners associations (each an “HOA”) has stirred some controversy here in our state. When news broke that an HOA in the Salt Lake Valley wanted to restrict its residents from flying Old Glory, owners of that HOA and many [...]

Displaying the American Flag in Utah Homeowners Associations2020-06-01T14:51:42-05:00
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