The U.S. Census and Community Associations


By Dawn Bauman, CAE The U.S. Constitution mandates that the U.S. Census Bureau conduct a census every 10 years. This year marks the 24th time that the U.S. population has been counted since 1790. The census provides critical data that lawmakers, businesses, research institutions, and many others use to provide products and services, as well as influence decision-making for you and your community. Every year, billions of dollars in federal funding are allocated to support hospitals, fire departments, education, infrastructure, and other resources based on census data. Read the full article here.

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Should we defer maintenance in a time of crisis?


By Bryan Farley, RS; President; Association Reserves Within a month, the country has seemingly gone from “business as usual” to “no business at all” for many sectors. This is a time when decisions will matter for your community. The way a community’s board members act now will set the tone for the future. With so much uncertainty, the board will need to make wise financial decisions to take care of its owners and its property. On one hand, board members must be sensitive to those who have had the rug pulled out from under them, but also, board members must fulfill [...]

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COVID-19 and HOAs


By Bruce Jenkins, Attorney, Jenkins Bagley PLLC The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the physical and emotional well-being of people across the world. People living in homeowner associations are obviously not immune. Federal, state, and county regulations are proliferating in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. People have lost their jobs and face significant challenges. The strains placed upon individual owner’s finances will ultimately place a strain on the association’s finances. It is often said assessments are the life blood of the community associations. These assessments are utilized to deliver essential services in maintaining the health, welfare, and condition [...]

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Why are some earthquake policy holders experiencing a premium increase?


By Beat Koszinowski, CIC, CIRMS; The Buckner Company - Silver Sponsor 2020 HELPFUL LINKS Data provide by University of Utah and Utah Emergency Management (aka EARTHQUAKE ANXIETY? Utah Emergency Management says calm down and take action. Recent history: Utah experienced more than 2,300 earthquakes in 2019, but most were so small no one felt Wednesday’s Magna quake resulted in some damage and no deaths or “We got through it with a memorable wake-up call.” Aftershocks are expected to continue for “days or weeks.” This is “completely normal and does not mean a stronger or larger earthquake is coming.” [...]

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Best practices for collections during the pandemic


By John Richards, CCAL; Attorney, Richards Law PC As it pertains to the HUD issued Mortgage Letter 2020-04, Homeowners Associations, and the foreclosure moratorium I will do my best to address it here. It is up to the HOA to decide how they want to proceed during this challenging time.  HOA dues are not included as part of the moratorium on Federal Housing Administration (FHA) backed mortgages or loans. This is simply because the protections recently granted apply only to federally backed loans – which HOA dues are not. However, best practices for our industry may yield a different result.  A [...]

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Encouraging Municipalities to Adopt a Post-Disaster Debris Collection Ordinance


By Quinn A. Sperry, Attorney at Morris Sperry Most governing documents of community associations state that the association should be operated and governed to promote the health, safety, and welfare of its members and residents.  Being proactive in preparing for disasters is one way to accomplish this responsibility.  Some suggestions to prepare for disasters are: Create a disaster response plan for your community association. Ensure that your community’s insurance policies provide adequate coverage for potential disasters that may occur in your particular region. Encourage residents to participate in Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, usually sponsored by your local fire department. [...]

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Caution in the Face of Coronavirus: Running an HOA Without Gatherings


By Scott Welker, Attorney, Vial Fotheringham, LLP Whether your closet is filled with Costco toilet paper and you’re checking your phone every hour for the latest COVID-19 update or you’re urging your social-media network to stop panicking and just start washing their hands, one thing is certain: coronavirus continues to spread and, according to health professionals around the world, one thing we can do to slow the spread is avoid group gatherings.  Unfortunately, that’s not always easy to do when you are trying to maintain a functioning community association.  Regular gatherings are the norm for community associations; in fact, in some [...]

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