By Joel W. Meskin, Esq., CIRMS, CCAL Fellow, MLIS, EBP; McGowan Program Administrators

Managing Expectations during the Pandemic

INTRODUCTION: The Coronavirus Pandemic has found most of us with our arms up in the air.  These are definitely unchartered waters.

My question, as someone who has been spending a great deal of time answering questions on the Coronavirus and insurance coverage is:  did any prior pandemic, epidemic or outbreak of a communicable disease lead to the myriad of insurance issues we are now being asked to respond with clear and immediate responses.  Maybe our standard response should be “maybe” or “it depends” on many variables before an intelligible response can be provided. 

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Joel recently spoke as a panelist at our chapter webinar, “Insurance & Risk Management During the Brave New World of the COVID Pandemic.” View the webinar