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New HUD/FHA Changes


By Tyler S. LaMarrAttorney, Miller Harrison LLC If you’ve ever worked with a Condo Association to obtain project approval for FHA financing, you are aware that the process can be cumbersome. It involves gathering and presenting governing documents, financial statements, and insurance policies, among other required documentation and certifications. Sometimes, applications are denied on inconsistent bases and additional documents are requested by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) before approval is granted. An association must prove it has adequate reserves and at times demonstrate it has kept up on appropriate maintenance for the age of the project. On August [...]

New HUD/FHA Changes2020-03-27T16:37:02-05:00

New Hues | Color Trends for Condos and Apartment Buildings


By Amy Makeever Commercial Marketing Associate CertaPro Painters of Salt Lake City Keeping your multi-family property looking fresh and inviting is important if you want to attract new customers and keep existing residents. Anne Diedrich, interior designer at Sherwin-Williams, believes a well-thought-out color scheme can provide distinction in a crowded market. Color speaks to the heart and the mind; it makes a statement and creates a first impression. The paint color you choose can say “Come on in!” or “Run for your life!” But let’s face it, choosing the right colors for a multi-family facility can be a challenge; you aren’t [...]

New Hues | Color Trends for Condos and Apartment Buildings2020-03-27T16:35:08-05:00

Passwords and Security | Protecting Yourself in a Digital World


By Christopher J. DeLong, CAM, CMCA, AMS Vice President Client Fulfillment Nevada/Utah CCMC I was reminded recently to annually update my passwords help deter being a victim of a growing problem, cyber-crime. My reminder came by an unfortunate incident from a friend of mine; his financial advisor alerted him that someone had attempted to withdraw $150,000 from his retirement account. The thief had access to a whole host of his private information and some of his passwords. When I asked him when the last time he had updated his passwords was, he replied never. Last year I was fortunate to attend [...]

Passwords and Security | Protecting Yourself in a Digital World2020-03-27T16:57:39-05:00
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