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Coronavirus and Community Association Insurance


By Joel W. Meskin, Esq., CIRMS, CCAL Fellow, MLIS, EBP; McGowan Program Administrators Managing Expectations during the Pandemic INTRODUCTION: The Coronavirus Pandemic has found most of us with our arms up in the air.  These are definitely unchartered waters. My question, as someone who has been spending a great deal of time answering questions on the Coronavirus and insurance coverage is:  did any prior pandemic, epidemic or outbreak of a communicable disease lead to the myriad of insurance issues we are now being asked to respond with clear and immediate responses.  Maybe our standard response should be “maybe” or “it depends” [...]

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Educational Webinar


Topic: Insurance and Risk Management in the Brave New World of the Covid Pandemic Join our webinar for answers to questions about these insurance questions from the experts: What is shaking with Earthquake Insurance in the market? What are the burning trends and common mistakes with Fire Insurance? What is blowing around the industry about coverage for wind events? Should we or should we not open the Pools (and other common amenities), That is the Question. What can the board do to prepare for the next communicable or infectious disease pandemic like COVID-19? Panelists: Joel Meskin, CIRMS; Managing Director of Community [...]

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Phased Guidelines for Gyms, Pools and Fitness Centers


By Beat Koszinowski, CIC, CIRMS; The Buckner Company - Silver Sponsor 2020 The recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak put our country and our state in a very unpredictable and to some extent, terrible situation. Utah has recently started a phased reopening on certain types of businesses and operations.  It is understandable that our customers and owners are excited to start using common area amenities and get to enjoy their pools and gyms. While everyone is eager to get back to a normal life for work and recreation, there is concern on the part of every American as to what they should be doing [...]

Phased Guidelines for Gyms, Pools and Fitness Centers2020-09-29T17:11:10-05:00

Why are some earthquake policy holders experiencing a premium increase?


By Beat Koszinowski, CIC, CIRMS; The Buckner Company - Silver Sponsor 2020 HELPFUL LINKS Data provide by University of Utah and Utah Emergency Management (aka EARTHQUAKE ANXIETY? Utah Emergency Management says calm down and take action. Recent history: Utah experienced more than 2,300 earthquakes in 2019, but most were so small no one felt Wednesday’s Magna quake resulted in some damage and no deaths or “We got through it with a memorable wake-up call.” Aftershocks are expected to continue for “days or weeks.” This is “completely normal and does not mean a stronger or larger earthquake is coming.” [...]

Why are some earthquake policy holders experiencing a premium increase?2020-09-29T17:16:16-05:00
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